A Cross Quilt

This one took me a long time to make. It isn’t perfect, but it was tedious for me and I did my best to try and get it right. I love it myself, but will sell it for the right price. I also do not take good pictures. That is evident in all the pictures shown in this blog.

This is a large quilt, an adult size lap quilt. I worked hard on it for over 2 weeks. I’m asking 150.00 plus 14.95 shipping. Payable through PayPal.
It is one of a kind and will not be duplicated.
Once it is gone it is gone.
I may, in the future, make another cross quilt, but not one with these colors.
Please email for availability!
This is the back of the cross quilt. It has a cross stitched in with gold thread. It isn’t real bold so it is a little hard to see.
Be sure to check for availability before sending any money.

Quilts on Hand – All ONE of a Kind

All the quilts are one of a kind. Homemade and fully sewn on a machine.

This is a nice size for a child of large toddler. It is ready to go to a new home.
$120.00 plus 14.95 shipping via paypal, please email for availability.
This is a small infant quilt for a girl. Two of the edges are pink and two of them are white but the backing is pink. $50.00 plus 10.00 Shipping.
We currently only accept Paypal.
Please contact us for availability.
Thank you for visiting our new hobby!
This is a good sized lap quilt for an adult or a very large quilt for a child. It is almost big enough for a twin bed. $120.00 plus 14.95 shipping.
We currently only accept Paypal.
Please contact us for availability.
This is a very large manly lap quilt. Done in all plaids except for the back which is gray.
140.00 plus 14.95 shipping
We currently only accept paypal.
Please contact us for availability.
This is a large boy’s quilt, the backing is gray. It can be for a larger youth or good quilt to lay on the floor for a young baby.
$120.00 plus 14.95 shipping.
We only accept Paypal at this time.
Please contact us for availability.

2 More Baby Quilts

I have 2 more baby quilts ready to go, a girl’s and a boy’s/gender neutral. I think it looks more like a boy’s but you decide.

This is a small baby quilt. the backing is a dark flowered print, very pretty.
$40.00 plus 8.95 shipping via paypal. Please email for availability.

This next quilt is for a boy, or can be for a girl, I think it would suit a boy best, but you decide!

A small quilt for an infant or small child, the backing is the yellow color around the edges.
$40.00 plus 8.95 shipping via paypal, please email for availability.

School Quilts in Stock

We have several quilts in stock that are ready for new homes. From infant size to a nice sized lap quilt. Our school color is a little larger than a lap quilt because it just turned out that way, but from now on they will be the same size as the lap quilt. We are learning as we go, this is as new to us as it is to you. Thank you for stopping by! Please come back again for your gifts, personal use, and school patronage.

Our Texas A&M quilt 11 blocks across surpasses our largest quilt by 2 blocks, it was hard to handle through the machine so we will not be making this size again. Get it while you can at $140.00 + 14.95 flat rate shipping. We currently only accept Paypal.
Please contact us for availability.